The Classifieds

If you have an item you would like listed in the classified section, please send it in to Anna Rockwood (

Want Ads:

Wanted: Kitten from Sugar’s lineage, must be good mouser, spry and feisty. Contact Denisa if one is found.

Wanted: Daylin’s column for the Cranberry Juice. Lost from his pocket two days ago. Haven’t seen since. Please contact Daylin if you see it.

Wanted: Money. You have it, I want it. Will work, see Daylin

Wanted: Ipod, new or used, preferably free. Contact Gabrien

For Sale: Giant plastic horse, chestnut color, large. Will entertain all offers. Contact Gabrien for more information.

Missing: Ethan’s shoes, socks, coat, lunch and homework. Please contact Ethan or his teacher ASAP with any leads.


GWH Seeking Super Cute Husband for Rockford Files Date this Friday Night, Must be 6′ 5” Tall Dark and Handsome, good with kids, twinkly eyes, insatiable popcorn habit a must. No W.O.W. Contact the lady you married ASAP for details.

Really Fun Cousin seeking pen pal! Contact Anna for details.

Help Wanted:

Weedy Terraces: 10.00 for the easy ones, 20.00 for the hard ones. Available immediately. Contact Angela for more info.

Genealogy Columnist: Heavenly rewards, see editor for details.

Room help: Clean neat person wanted to help clean my room. Must fold, wash, and vacuum. Good service project. See Ethan.

Waffle Slave: For making waffles every morning rain or shine.. Popcorn know how a plus. See Troy Rockwood for details.

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