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May 13, 2012

Sorrow– A Sonnet


Sonnet by Anna Celinda Rockwood

May 25, 2011

The man, he walked among the free and wild

His thoughts upon the bright and blooming spring

The blues, the reds, the beaming yellow tones

Of flowers at the peak of springtime smells

The man sat waist high in pink and purple

And thought about his long lost love of which

There was no more than dusty skin and bones

Under the hard packed flowering ground

Her death, a stroke, was hard to bear within

And he would always miss her more in spring

When flowers bloomed and birds began to sing

Her voice as soft as spider’s silken thread

Her eyes, ice blue, and brighter than the sun

Her hair, silken soft waves of browning gold

Her face was small and delicate heart shaped

With bloom of pink upon her rosy cheeks

The man, he wept for things long lost in time

And his hands, no fingers to hold, to press

Her hands so white and delicate within

His rough and sturdy, calloused from the plow

His chest with holes of sorrow burned clear through

His heart, so lost, so sad and riddled full

He wept for all the things not said or done,

The thank yous and the loving words to her

The man, his head a painful bleary mess

Got to his weary feet and headed for

Her grave, blue flowers in his trembling hand

The stone, so new and white, stood awaiting.

He gently set the bright blue flowers there

Atop her stern gray stone and turned his back

He walked away without a backward glance

His focus on his future without her.

He thought of plows and crops instead of girls

He dwelt upon his plans for future days

Instead of memories of her and him

He turned his back on love and walked away.

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