By Troy Rockwood

  • Name changing day was a success! Welcome Ava Victoria and Lily Adeline!
  • General Conference snafu avoided.  Audio of the first session of the 2010 semiannual conference was missing but Anna saved the day by suggesting the family watch the sign language version.
  • Grandma Myrick visits Rockwood Inn West.  She promises autoharp picking to result.
  • Grandma Dixie’s book, “Pearls from the Treasury” is finally complete and available.
  • Ava, Daylin, Lily, and Ethan put on a stunning performance in Thousand Oaks Third Ward Primary program.
  • Gabrien Rockwood receives his patriarchal blessing: he is of the tribe of Ephraim.
  • Anna and Gabrien start guitar lessons.  The home rings with melodious strumming.
  • Anna is playing volleyball; her height is sure to be an asset here.
  • Lily is attending achievement days.  We are looking forward to all of the achievements.
  • Rockwood homeschool now fully underway, ask your favorite Rockwood what they are learning about.  Featured are the Charlotte Mason method and Apex online school learning.
  • Gabrien now a football player; games are Saturday at noon.
  • Ethan’s birthday upcoming: don’t forget to give him a call on Oct. 4th.
  • Rockwoods now the proud new owners of a BlendTec blender, will it blend projects already underway.

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