As the Cookie Crumbles


As the Cookie Crumbles

Feature Article: by Karenne Grace Rockwood and Angela Myrick Rockwood

Cooking skills are all the rage these days with cooking shows a dime a dozen, but are those types of salivating entertainment avenues with pristine kitchens and magazine perfect results, indicative of true home baked skills?  Does the every day person cook like that?  We set out to find out.

I asked a dear associate of mine, Ammon Rockwood, if he would like to make cookies with me.  I watched closely to see what his response would be.  “Yes!  Mom has a roll of cookie dough in the fridge from the food pantry!  We can use that!”

15 minutes later, without even a single cracked egg, sprinkle of flour, or smudge of chocolate on our aprons, we happily produced, pre-cut, pre-sized, perfectly proportioned cookies.

It appears as if this time, the television is right.  You CAN cook like you’re on TV.

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