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September 17, 2017

Easter Egg Adventure Concludes With Smiles All Around


Easter Egg Adventure Concludes With Smiles All Around

Feature Article: by Karenne Grace Rockwood

Today we found the last Easter egg. It’s been five months since the Easter Bunny came and hid all the eggs. Five months is a LONG time!

The big kids couldn’t find the egg, but Ammon and I found it.  Today while we were driving home from church, I asked my dad if it was in the black couch.  He thought maybe it MIGHT be there.  That was enough for us.  Ammon and I raced up the stairs and got out of our church clothes and into our Easter hunting attire.  It was time to find that egg.

At our house, the Easter eggs are all hidden in just one room.  You think that might mean that they are easy to find… they aren’t!  Each one is numbered, and my mom keeps track of each one we find.  Sometimes I see in movies how other people have Easter egg hunts where they’re all hidden on a lawn, like at the White House.  That’s just silly.  It’s flat.  And mowed.  Our Easter egg hunts are not like that at all.

Once, we found an egg hidden in a book in the book shelf.  The Easter bunny had cut the pages out in a hole just big enough to fit an egg.  When the book was closed, it looked like any regular, boring old book.  When it was opened… treasure!

This year, my sister, Ava, used her camera phone on a selfie stick to probe the black darkness of the chimney.  She actually took pictures of not one, but TWO Easter eggs stuck inside the chimney flue!  One from this year, one from last year.  That’s the kind of Easter egg hunt we have at our house.  The impossible kind.

But not this year.

This year we finally found ALL the eggs.  We had to shake the entire couch, and reach into the mesh under the couch to find the last one hiding in the frame.  It was a big job, but Ammon and I were just the right size to get it done.

Now we get the big prize… Dinner with Mom and Dad at P.F. Chang’s!  Our favorite restaurant!

Too bad the big kids aren’t here.  🙂