Flying on Ice

This year for a sport I chose to do ice skating. Since I have never taken ice skating lessons I am in the first level called Pre-alpha. While I am not taking my lessons I still practice so that I can do well in my class. Every Tuesdays for 7 more weeks I will go and take lessons for about half an hour to forty five minutes. So far I am the youngest person in my group.

Since I had lots of practice before I started ice skating, I already knew some things. The first time I went ice skating I met a girl named Isabelle. She has long brown hair that is curly like mine, she also has braces and beautiful long eye lashes. I don’t know what color eyes she has but I think that they are brown.  Isabelle was really nice to me and taught me how to do a twirl. Now every time I go ice skating I look forward to seeing her.  Last week while I was doing a twirl, I fell and got a bruise on my hip. After a couple of times falling, Isabelle taught me how to fall without hurting myself. She also taught me how to bend down when I felt like was going to fall and twirl like that.

For my ice skating stuff I get a discount because the person I get my stuff from owns a horse place and she takes care of our horse. She is also a good friend of ours. I like ice skating because it is a competitive sport and I always want to do my best. I also like to learn new things. When I skate on the ice, I feel like I’m flying on water. Every time I go, I’m gradually learning new things. I can’t wait until I learn more things like Isabelle. She’s an amazing skater.

–by Lily Adeline Rockwood (age 11)


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