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June 14, 2012

A Father Indeed

“My father didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.”
Clarence B. Kelland 1881-1964

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June 13, 2012

Goo and Other Limerick Poems by Daylin


Limerick Poems

by Daylin Michael Rockwood

March 30, 2011

The Man With The Can

There once was a skinny old man

That had a rusty tin can

Inside were some beans

And all kinds of greens

And the bugs poured out as he ran.


There once was a boy with a snake

That slithered out by the old lake

It squished through the goo

That got in his shoe

And oh what a noise he did make!

Wormy Old Cow

There once was a wormy old cow

But dancing, she didn’t know how

She tried a short jig

Knocked over the pig

And ended up driving the plow!

June 12, 2012

Grandma’s Thoughts On How To Be A Great Mother

Today I talked to my grandma about the qualities a mother needs to teach her children, especially about faith and teaching them how to base their decisions on gospel truths.

It’s a big subject, but grandma told me that one of the most important things to know was that a mother needs to believe what she tells her children.  The next thing is to make sure you do what you tell your children to do.  If you tell your child not to yell and then you yell, what are they going to learn they should do?  They won’t listen to what you say, they will copy you.   You could tell your children to go to church, but if you don’t go yourself, why would they believe you when you said it was important?  They won’t go to church, they’ll stay home with you instead.  That’s not a good way to teach them good principles.  If you’re going to teach it, do it.

The opposite is also true, if you teach your children not to yell, and you try your best to have a good attitude and soft voice, full of love for them, they will feel your love for them and see that it is important that they not raise their voices.  Your example shows them the way they should be.  If you go to church, and your children see you attending, see your good attitude, and that it is a meaningful part of your life, they will see for themselves why it is important, and they will follow.

My grandma raised ten children, she knows a lot about raising children.  I think she’s right.  If you don’t believe her, try it!  I’ve seen my grandma speak kindly, and I’ve seen her go to church.  I know it’s important to her.  I know from watching her, that she wouldn’t lead anyone astray.  For one, she’s honest.  If she says she will do something, she does it.  Once when I was staying at my grandma’s house, I asked her if she would wake me up when she went to milk the cows.  I was already awake at that time, but she came to wake me up anyway, just like she said she would.  Another time, she promised that I could help her, and she followed through and let me help her with her project.

The thing I know about my grandma is what my mom says:  “She does what she says and she says what she does!”  She’s always teaching us how to be better, both by her example and by her words.

Even though I have seen her example many times, I think the talk with my grandma helped me see more clearly how to be a great mother, grandmother and leader.

–by Ava Victoria Rockwood (age 13)

June 12, 2012

Flying on Ice

This year for a sport I chose to do ice skating. Since I have never taken ice skating lessons I am in the first level called Pre-alpha. While I am not taking my lessons I still practice so that I can do well in my class. Every Tuesdays for 7 more weeks I will go and take lessons for about half an hour to forty five minutes. So far I am the youngest person in my group.

Since I had lots of practice before I started ice skating, I already knew some things. The first time I went ice skating I met a girl named Isabelle. She has long brown hair that is curly like mine, she also has braces and beautiful long eye lashes. I don’t know what color eyes she has but I think that they are brown.  Isabelle was really nice to me and taught me how to do a twirl. Now every time I go ice skating I look forward to seeing her.  Last week while I was doing a twirl, I fell and got a bruise on my hip. After a couple of times falling, Isabelle taught me how to fall without hurting myself. She also taught me how to bend down when I felt like was going to fall and twirl like that.

For my ice skating stuff I get a discount because the person I get my stuff from owns a horse place and she takes care of our horse. She is also a good friend of ours. I like ice skating because it is a competitive sport and I always want to do my best. I also like to learn new things. When I skate on the ice, I feel like I’m flying on water. Every time I go, I’m gradually learning new things. I can’t wait until I learn more things like Isabelle. She’s an amazing skater.

–by Lily Adeline Rockwood (age 11)

June 12, 2012

Snowflakes on the Ice


Snowflakes on the Ice

by Lily Adeline Rockwood

June 1, 2012

As I got on the ice

My skates skittered like mice.

I land on my pants

The way that they dance!

I met this nice girl,

Who taught me to twirl

She has brown curly hair,

It floats through the air.

I try to comprehend

But not to slip or bend.

I imagine snowflakes

Floating above blue lakes–

As I learn to fly

On the ice.