Soldiers and the Airforce Academy in Colorado Springs

 Soldiers with Grandpa’s Rifles

A couple of weeks ago, my family took a trip to Colorado.  While we were there with our grandparents, we went to see the Airforce Academy.  We saw a huge B-52 bomber airplane that could drop twenty bombs at once.  It was really awesome.  After we saw the bomber, we went to the gift shop and looked around a bit.  There were lots of hats and pins with airplanes on them, and next door was a theater.  We saw a video on how to get into the Academy and what kinds of things they do there and why.  It showed basic training, with soldiers crawling through the mud, climbing trees, fences and cliffs.  The training looks really hard, you’d have to be athletic like my brother, Daylin, to be able to get through it.  It was really impressive to see.

After we watched the movie, we left the gift shop and went on a trail that went to the Academy Chapel.  The Chapel has a pointed roof that you can see from my Grandma Rockwood’s house.  It was really neat seeing it up close.  We went inside and saw the stain glass windows.  It had orange and blue and purple stain glass that you don’t see unless you’re standing inside the building.

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The Academy Chapel has room for all religions to go there and worship God the way they feel most comfortable.  There was a room for Catholic services, Jewish services, Protestant services and even Buddhist services.  They had a display of the Torah, behind glass, that was 200 years old!

After we exited the chapel, we saw the Academy school where the officers do all their training.  There were four different fighter jets on the corners of the lawn in the courtyard between the school and the chapel.  The jets were small, the bomber was big.   Both were amazing.

When we got home, my cousin Robyn and I borrowed Grandpa Rockwood’s home made rubber band rifles and old camp tent.  We set up camp in grandma’s front yard, with another camp in the back yard.  Grandpa helped set up the tent for us.  We had a lot of fun hunting and shooting enemy soldiers.  At one camp site we had toy dishes and a tarp up on top of the scrub oak trees in the back yard.  We gathered plants and grasses that we pretended were edible so we could live off the land with our toy dishes.  We pretended we had gotten separated from our troop and had to find our own food to survive.  It was pretty fun.  Robyn was a very good soldier.

We had a fake campfire in each of our campsites.  The tent was our favorite campsite.  The flowers made for good eating.  We used sticks and dried weeds for our fires.  The boys had nerf guns, so they shot us with their bullets.  Robyn and I played soldiers for most of the rest of the week.  It was so totally awesome, it was one of my favorite parts of the week we spent at grandma’s.

I don’t think I’ll be part of the Airforce, but it was sure fun to pretend.

–Contributed by Ava Victoria Rockwood (age 13)

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