Mormon Helping Hands– What I Like Best

Me! Planting a Tree!

My favorite part of Mormon Helping Hands is seeing everyone help each other.  Sometimes I hear on the news people fighting, or bad things happening, but on this day, there is no fighting, only helping, and that makes me happy.

I helped two boys take their tree up the hill.  When I asked them if they needed help, the younger one said “No.” but the younger one said, “Yes!” so I helped them get it up to the top of the hill.  We dug a hole and got the tree into the ground.  It was a lot of work, but we were able to do it, just us!  By ourselves!  That was pretty neat.

Later, I helped tie the trees to stakes so they will be steady in the wind until the roots get hold.  We tied each tree between two stakes, and nailed the ties in place, so they wouldn’t slide down and let the tree flounder in the wind.  The trees we planted are all up on a hillside, right in the path of the evening ocean winds.  Tying the stakes to the trees and nailing them in place was a big job, and there were lots of trees that needed to be tied, so I was pretty busy.

I also helped my dad hand out water bottles.  We were able to finish the project within two hours, but we worked hard!  I was very thirsty by the time we were done!  It was a fun day and I am really happy that I came.

–Ava Victoria Rockwood (age 13)


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