Mormon Helping Hands 2012 in Thousand Oaks– My Perspective

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This morning everyone met at the church for Mormon Helping Hands 2012.  Even though it was only 7:00 in the morning, lots of people were there to help.  Mormon Helping Hands is something we do every year in our area.  We get out of our normal routines and go do something for someone else, usually in a big way!

This year we had over 500 volunteers at three locations across the Conejo Valley.  I helped in the Thousand Oaks project.  We planted 120 trees, and it only took two hours!  I was surprised how fast it was.  My whole family went, and a lot of my friends too.  I worked on digging holes.  It was hard work.  I am grateful for the service we were able to give today.  I look forward to our next Mormon Helping Hands Day of Service!

–Lily Adeline Rockwood (age 11)


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