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June 21, 2011




By Angela  Rockwood (June 2011)


They say ‘As you sow, Shall ye reap’

But here in the middle, we’re faithfully

Praying for rain

Praying for rain

Stuck in the middle

We’re praying for rain.


The seeds are gone, the winter’s sure

The sprouts are grown and the summer’s cure

Is praying for rain

Praying for rain

We’re here in the middle

Praying for rain.


‘Cause first we sow, and then we reap

And pray these little ones to keep.

Hoping for rain

Watching for rain

Searching my soul as I’m

Waiting for rain.


Our faces glisten, as they run

Coursing heavy, wither the sun

Sighing for rain

Crying for rain

Our hearts in the middle

Dying for rain.


Scorching in the refiner’s flame

My soul will never be the same

But faithful ever, He’ll sustain

The droplets of gold nearly obtained!

And I know that Heaven knows my name—


For as I prayed


It rained.

June 17, 2011

Soon Treasure


Soon Treasure

by Angela  Rockwood (June  2011)


Amongst the Johnny Jump-ups lay,

‘Mid golden purple hue,

The curling heads of two so fair,

Sparkling with the dew.


The drops of sun were in their hair,

Two sisters, shining gold—

And shooting through the grass beyond,

Three brothers young and bold.


Of tawny shade and brawny bone,

Together off they fly,

And peeking in on sisters, stray

With mischief in supply.


First stepping in then racing out,


Then looking closely at a bug;

Then running scatter shot!


The sweaty faces, tumbled knees,

Speak treasures far and near—

Excited yells from lofty knells

Then laughing, reappear.


While girly curls they swirly furl

And with the breezes play,

Noses in books, the dreamy looks

Of sisters far away.


The last in a tree, how graceful she,

Her secret dreams concealed—

All lost in thought, some lofty plot

Above the lowly field.


The trees and boughs are full of plows

Fanciful whingdats too.

Dark brown hair, tucked behind one ear,

Bandana streaked blue-hue.


Far giggles float and drift aloud,

While tickling, fill the ear.

The youthful sun of fun begun,

Cherished– all are here.