My First MHH Service Day!

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Today I woke up at 7:00 and got my working clothes on.  We had to wake up nice and early to go to the Mormon Helping Hands activity.  Mormon Helping hands is where you go and help in the community.  This was my first time going to a MHH activity.  I was really excited to go.  There were lots of people there, and lots of kids! I thought I would be one of the only ones, but the moms and dads brought their kids too.  That was cool.

I got to meet the Mayor of Thousand Oaks, Mayor Gillette, he was there to give us an award for our service and cut the ribbon on our special day of helping.  I got a piece of the ribbon that the Mayor cut for my journal.  I also got to take my picture with him.

When we were done talking to the mayor, we broke into groups and went to different schools to plant trees.  Our group went to Glennwood Elementary School.  We dug holes and planted trees along the front of the school by the street.  I helped dig and was one of the runners getting water and doughnuts and tools to the other workers.  The ground was hard to dig so sometimes the kids helped do other things, like run for supplies.  Makayla’s dad brought a pick, so he could get through the hard ground and rocks whenever we got stuck.  Luckily, the weather was nice and cool, and not too hot.  It actually misted a little bit, but not enough to get us wet.

Tommy and Sam Cooley, Van Bush and my sister Ava did the most digging in our group.  My brothers helped too.   Daylin helped hold up the trees while Ethan and Gabrien filled the dirt back in.  My sister Anna and her friend Chelsea Hackney helped pound in stakes in the ground to keep the trees from falling down.  We all worked together.  It was hard work!

I loved the feeling I had from helping other people today.  I think that’s one of the blessings of serving.  I am proud of all the people that helped.  It was so beautiful when it was all done!

–By Lily Adeline Rockwood, photography by Angela Michelle Myrick Rockwood, Oct 2010


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