A Tale of Sugary Intrigue

I filled my pockets with Halloween candies from upstairs and sat in my chair to work on my blanket while we listened to Rush Limbaugh. Anna was working on artistic masterpieces with her wet pens when all of a sudden a candy fell out of nowhere just behind her head.   Plop!

Anna was shocked!

“Mommy! where did this candy come from??” and we stared at the ceiling together. Sure enough, there was a small hole in our ceiling where a cable had come through at some time. Just as Anna was finished chewing the first one, a second one dropped from the air! Anna ran upstairs and when she came down, she reported her discovery that there must be multitudes of the candies, hiding in the attic. She found that they’d come down through the walls and out the ceiling through the hole! Can you believe it?

First one, then two, then three then four little candies fell inexplicably out of the sky.  Anna’s brain raced with the wealth of possibilities.  She began to be impatient to actually see one come out the hole. “Mommy! Lets unscrew these other hooks from the ceiling, maybe more candies will come out!”  “No”, I said, “I don’t want candies falling on my computer, it might hurt it…”  This cinched it in her mind. There were so many candies up there that they could come out at any time, any place, without warning.

“Mommy! I see a black one coming through the hole! See? It’s all black inside! I saw it move!” Now the wheels were really turning.  “Please candy, can you come down? We’ll be nice to you, we won’t hurt you!” but try as she might she couldn’t coax it out.  She even went so far as to promise that she wouldn’t even eat them if they came down. Obviously these were no ordinary candies, they were special candies!

Finally, two more candies squeezed out and dropped to the floor after Anna determined that she must be standing in the way of them coming down and moved. I guess she didn’t want to risk getting hit.

These two candies didn’t get eaten– because of course, she had promised them safety. They’re taking a ride on Susie the Rocking Horse this very minute…

“Mommy! I see two MORE candies up there. They’re talking about coming out!” …and sure enough they did come out.  Now she was carting a sack of little candy babies around–talking every minute about how yummy candies are, but reminding herself of her promise– however reluctantly.

And so the saga continued.  Though the mysterious origin of the candies gradually took a back seat to an ever growing sugar craving.

Hark! do I hear a wrapper??  I think those candies will be too scared to come out any more.

Was it Troy pushing candies through the hole you ask?  No.   I confess to the sleight of hand.  Surreptitiously I tossed each one over her head while she wasn’t looking.  As long as they landed in the area by the hole, the ruse remained and imagination provided the rest.

And thus we see, You have to keep up the magical candy tradition through the generations! You can’t just give it to them, you gotta make’m WORK for it.

–Angela Michelle Myrick Rockwood October 1999


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