The First Edition of the “Cranberry Juice News” Coming This Week!

By Angela Rockwood 4/17/09

The first edition of “Cranberry Juice” to hit nightstands, bathroom walls and inboxes this week. Family members of all ages reported to be “ecstatic” at the news.

“Yeah, I like it.” said one Gabrien Rockwood age 12. “I like the name and and the picture. I think it’s a good way to know about things and stuff that is happening.”

“It was actually my dad’s idea,” piped in Daylin Rockwood age 10, “I think he got the idea from reading grandma Myrick’s newsletters when my mom was little.”

“I think it’s the greatest idea in the world,” said Troy Rockwood, regular columnist and founding editor. “We are all so far from each other, but we have so much to talk about. Why not have a newspaper of our own?”

How did the paper get it’s unique and flavorful name? Well according to Daylin, a young underreported poetic thinker named Ethan thought of it first. “We were eating breakfast and Ethan made up a name, and we all thought it was great, let’s name it Cranberry Juice! So we did.”

We were able to track down the young brother Rockwood at his place of study but he had very little to comment.

“Well, there was a Cranberry Juice bottle on the table. That’s all I remember.”

So there you have it! Taking the bitter with the sweet! The story of America’s own, Cranberry Juice!


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