Cleo, Miracle Cat Learns to Live Indoors

By Angela Rockwood 4/17/09

Two months ago our brown tabby cat, Cleopatra (Queen of the Nile) was bitten and shaken by a nice dalmatian dog the kids had rescued.

At first glance, the scene was grim. It looked like Cleo wasn’t going to make it. After a night of watching and waiting, the big decision was made. She wasn’t going to make it. We said our goodbyes and did our crying and talked about where animals go when their time on the earth is over and then, heartbroken, we sent her off in a box to go to the vet to be put to sleep.

I couldn’t attend, so I sent Troy and a few of the kids to see her off on her last journey.

Two days and $600 later, the cat was back, with fresh X-rays, stitches, a big blue “no bite” collar, and a new lease on life. The family couldn’t be happier, but Cleo wasn’t so sure.

Through two months of grueling therapy, wound care and force fed medicine, she weathered her life patiently and slowly grew stronger. When asked about her ordeal, she just blinks and gags, remembering the “chicken” flavored antibiotics.

At times, her gimpy leg still slides out on the slick floors and she still sometimes misjudges the lack of friction on the new couch as she jumps on the new leather sofa, sometimes sliding un-ceremoniously from the back, but all in all, she’s adjusting well.

The doctor says her prognosis is good, and she is free to live, a happy cat with what remains of her amazing nine lives.


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