Birthday Bonanza and the Old Switcheroo

By Ethan, Daylin and Gabrien Rockwood 4/17/09

Every year we have the birthday debate over daddy’s real birthday. Our dad started turning around when he was 33, and every year he thinks he gets a little younger. This year, he thought he was 30, and tried to play the old switcheroo on mommy, because on her birthday last week, she turned 33. He thinks he’s getting younger, but nobody believes him.

“Nobody believes daddy because we all think he’s getting more gray hair every year” confessed Daylin. “Yeah, plus, his beard keeps getting longer!” said Ethan. “I don’t think he’s getting smaller either.” chimed in Troy’s eldest son, Gabrien. “Pretty soon he will lose his driving license.”

This reporter asked the youngest son, “So, is your dad really getting younger?” “No.” he replied candidly. “If he did, he would have to wear diapers, that’s a bad idea.”


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